Hot laminated non-welded steel pipes, for mechanical application according to the UNI EN 10297-1 or UNI EN 10210-1 Standards in various Steel grades: E 355-S355J2H-E235-E355-E355K2-E470-E420J2-E590K2-E730K2.

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Calandered pipes for mechanical application in various Steel grades (S355JR-S355JOH-S355J2+N) according to the EN 10025-2 Standards. Longitudinal and circumferential submerged arc welding with full penetration with the SAW procedure.

We manufacture our products according to your requirements. We are able to produce diameters, thicknesses and tolerances not included in the dimensional tables. On specific request we can carry out heat treatments of any kind and any type of quality control and issue the relevant certificate, such as, for example: RX-UT-MT-PT.